One Bangsar

One Bangsar is your one-stop solution to enjoy world’s finest selection cuisines namely authentic Oriental seafood, traditional Northern Indian dishes, as well as Japanese, Malay, Vietnamese, French, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian and spicy Thai cuisines. Elegantly decorated interior with superb façade draws patrons from around the city to travel to One Bangsar to dine-in comfortably.

Patrons are spoilt for a wide selection of food and beverage from all corners around the world. One Bangsar features an array of finest restaurants from around the globe to bring out the best for locals. Besides featuring scrumptious dishes, the stylish interior will definitely mesmerized patrons from all walks of life.

There are a total of 10 restaurants and wine bistro under one roof namely Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant, Sagar Restaurant, Hideaki Japanese Restaurant, Rick’s Cafe Casablanca, CungDinh Vietnam Restaurant, Montien Truly Thai, Le Francais, Saffron, Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano and also the wine bistro.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant brings you the best oriental style seafood under the posh garden settings and cozy interior. This premier restaurant offers more than a hundred delicious dishes. In addition to that, patrons can also request for the usage of spacious banquet hall as it can accommodate more than 650 guests.

Serving traditional Northern Indian cuisines, Sagar Restaurant offers wide selection of exotic vegetarian dishes and meals specially prepared for maharajahs dining. The fine selection of menu including pani puri, butter chicken and paneer with a touch of strong moghul essence.

Among one of the finest Japanese Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Hideaki brings the finest sake, wine and shochu as well as more than 200 other unique dishes available in the menu. Remember to enjoy the exclusive flavours originated from the land of rising sun.

Other restaurants available at One Bangsar are Rick’s Café Casablanca that serves Moroccan dishes, CungDinh Vietnam Restaurant (also famously known as Royal Palace), authentic Thai cuisines in Montien, Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano, Mediterranean cuisines from Saffron and also homemade French delicacies from Le Francais.

Unfortunately, restaurants in One Bangsar are no more in business as of January 2013.

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